BGFMA Gridline #18

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Featured articles:

“Meet Timothy Pace, P.E.” continues the introduction of BGFMA Certified Fabricator members whose many years of experience can be valuable to provide sound advice during plan preparation, fabrication, and installation.

One of the more frequent questions asked of the BGFMA is to provide an approximate cost for a project.  The BGFMA took a closer look at the winning bids of three projects and summarized the deck costs in “Engineer’s Estimate for Grid Reinforced Concrete and Exodermic Bridge Decks.”  The projects include features of ABC construction, lightweight bridge deck applications, and precast concrete bridge deck panels to name a few.

The BGFMA recently donated Exodermic panels, rebar and form pans to Purdue University’s S-BRITE Center to be installed on a pony truss taken out of service.  The addition will enhance the gallery that serves to educate students, inspectors and professional engineers.

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