BGFMA Gridline #19

View Gridline Newsletter #18 on the BGFMA website by clicking the following link: Gridline #18

Featured articles:

“Meet Chris Davis” concludes the introduction of BGFMA Certified Fabricator members whose many years of experience can be valuable to provide sound advice during plan preparation, fabrication, and installation.

I-895 receives an ultra-light deck replacement specified to not exceed 50 pounds per square foot utilizing 4500 psi, 100 pcf  all lightweight concrete while still providing a 2″ integral concrete overfill.

The BGFMA teamed up with George Patton, PE, MSCE of Hardesy & Hanover to make a joint presentation at the most recent Heavy Movable Bridge Symposium on “Movable Bridge Lightweight Concrete Deck Design and Construction Considerations.”  The paper can be accessed through the newsletter.

The BGFMA says goodbye to Executive Director Mark Kaczinski, PE who retired.

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