Roads & Bridges, Re-Decking of the New York Expressway/Dyer Avenue …

All roadway and bridge construction or rehabilitation performed within New York City has the potential to create a traffic gridlock nightmare.  This is especially true when the work being performed is in very close proximity to a major arterial route linking Manhattan to an adjacent Borough or the neighboring State of New Jersey.  Such is the case when the bridge deck on the New York Expressway/Dyer Avenue needed to be replaced.

Due to the strategic importance of the structure, full closure to perform the work was not an option and due to the narrow width, neither was staged construction.  The PANYNJ permitted weeknight closures between 10 PM and 5 AM the following morning to remove and replace the nearly 20,000 square feet of bridge deck.

The entire article can be found on the Roads & Bridges website by clicking here.




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